Caravan & Campervan Training

Caravan & Campervan Training with Jack's Driving School

Driving your Campervan or towing your Caravan should be fun, something you look forward to all year round, we at Jack’s want to help you enjoy your investment.

Stressing out on the journey then arguing and falling out while just trying to pitch the van, is never a great start to the weekend away.

Having been a lover of caravanning for over 30 years, our caravan instructor has just about seen it all. He has gained a vast knowledge and is now a registered trainer with The Caravan Club. We recognise the challenges faced and have developed a training course to help you get the most out of your van.

The Course

Driving Techniques


How to Level

Loading, Hitching & Unhitching

Setting Up Water & Electrics

Winter Storage

A 3-hour course for two people is only £165.

Our course is different as we include your traveling companion, learning together makes it an all-round better experience. Working together when reversing into that tight pitch, rather than misunderstanding each other’s directions, helping when setting things up and reversing close to your vehicle to recouple can all be enjoyable.

Use your own car and van, it makes perfect sense to practice and learn with your own equipment and it helps keep the cost to a minimum.