Young Driver Course
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Is a young member of your family going out with friends who drive?

Have they got the confidence to ask an older driver to stop using their mobile, slowdown or just stop showing off and messing around whilst driving?

Are they coming up to 17 and want to get a good start before driving on public roads for the first time?

At Jack’s we believe that giving training to younger people helps them to understand their responsibilities, whilst giving them a good skillset to prepare them for when they are old enough to drive legally.

The most vulnerable drivers on our roads are aged between 17 and 24 but we are also interested in giving young passenger’s knowledge. If your child or family member is at an age where they are now going out with friends who drive, then this might be the course for them. We have a large off-road area and can accommodate up to 30 young people, with access to classroom, toilets and dining facilities. Perfect for birthdays or school events. See our dedicated page for more details.

This might just be the course for them and could save them from being involved in an accident.

Why not bring a friend or friends? - Group lessons are available.

Jack’s Driving School instructors can help you reach your full potential in a safe off-road environment, teaching young people how to be responsible passengers as well as drivers.​

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