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Our aim is to

  • Give young people a good fun experience whilst helping them to prepare for their first driving lesson on public roads
  • Assist with the theory test
  • Educate them in their responsibilities as a passenger and driver with emphasis on behaviour
  • Provide an introduction to vehicle maintenance
  • Reduce the accident rate involving young people to make our roads a safer place
  1. Vehicle Set Up, Use of Controls, Mirrors, Pulling Off and Stopping, Steering, Responsibility as a young passenger.
  2. Practice, Accelerating and Braking, Gear Changes, Maintenance, Tyres and Under the Bonnet.
  3. Practice, Parking Forward and Reverse, Theory Test Advice, Presentation Pack, which includes theory test advice, a voucher for their first driving lesson and certificate of achievement.
  4. The course is to run over a period of 5 hours comprising of 3 structured sessions.

Is a young member of your family aged from 14 and going out with friends who drive?

Have they got the confidence to ask an older driver to stop using their mobile, slowdown or just stop showing off and messing around whilst driving?

This might just be the course for them and might save them from being involved in an accident.

Road traffic accidents are the largest killer of young people aged between 17 and 24, Jacks Driving School aims to help reduce this figure.

Studies in Sweden have showed that taking part in driver education at a young age can reduce accident rates.

We offer a driving experience based around normal driving lessons but with added benefits - you don’t need to be a licence holder or the required age to drive on public roads.

You will learn

  • How to use the controls
  • The importance of the mirrors
  • How to pull off and stop
  • Steering
  • Gear changing
  • Parking
  • Reversing
  • General maintenance
  • Hill starts

Jack’s Driving School instructors can help you reach your full potential in a safe off-road environment, teaching young people how to be responsible passengers as well as drivers.

Why not bring a friend, or friends, as group lessons are available.

Why not give it a go? It Might Just Be The Right Thing For You! Contact Us on 07949 195 184

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